We offer in-house alterations to make your dress dreams a reality. Nearly all of our dress customers choose us for their alteration needs. We have two in-house seamstresses with over 60 years combined experience in bridal wear. 


We offer three alteration packages for our dress customers.




Let one of our experienced alteration specialists create a perfect wedding day fit. If you need any adjustments to fit, a hem and a bustle, this package includes all the work needed to be ready to wear, including a finishing steam or press.*


This package includes everything in our bridal package, but is perfect for the bride who won't be needing her dress hemmed. This includes a finishing steam or press. *




Perfectly priced for your maids or mom, this package includes all standard work needed on a non wedding dress and includes a steam or press* We recommend beginning alterations 6-7 weeks prior to the wedding date. 


Due to our current volume of customers we are unable to perform alterations on dresses not purchased in our boutique.  Dresses needing alterations on a rush (within three weeks of the wear date) will be billed at $50 per hour.


*Dresses requiring significant modification or with extensive detail may be billed at an hourly rate of $30/hour in addition to the package price. Further, dresses requiring very minimal alteration work need not be in either package and may be billed hourly. 


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