Tips for a Successful Appointment

1. Consider the best day for your appointment, based on the type of experience you are seeking. Saturdays and evenings are fun and full of brides, but are the busiest time of the week. If you prefer a more intimate, quiet experience, consider a weekday or paid private appointment. If you would like a private appointment with our owner, those are booked directly with her at the "Private Appointments" tab. If you're seeking an alteration appointment, please call us to schedule that.

2. Book an appointment, once you're ready to find "the one".  Many brides don’t realize that over time, dresses currently in stock may be discontinued, sold in sample sales, or experience a price increase. If you come in to shop without the intention to find a dress, unfortunately it may not be possible for you to still order your dream dress if you wait until weeks or months later! We've also discovered through years of experience that “pre-shopping appointments” sound super fun and glamorous- but in actuality they are not. Most times when a bride comes in with the intention to come back a second time, she ends up finding her dress the first go round! This is deflating because you only have one “first time” getting zipped into your gown and if you are missing your important people or not in a place to purchase it, the end of the appointment is generally all around disappointing.  We want to be sure when you come in to shop with us you can fully embrace your special moments with no hesitations!

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